Sunday, November 17, 2013

UNL Fall 2013 - Computational Design with Dynamo

Building on the Fall CASE workshops...

This fall semester, I instructed a 3-session UNL mini-course focused on computational design techniques with Dynamo and Vasari.  The design prompt was to develop a 'stadium' form and enclosure through the experimentation with different Dynamo workflows.  

Each student devised their own Dynamo system which mixed conceptual form making, adaptive component design, and the parametric logic of Revit.  Throughout the course, students documented their geometric explorations and iterations through diagrams, screen captures, and renderings. 

Here are some of the results...!  Great work, class!
Student:  Kaveh Alagheband
Hasib Momand
Student:  Grayson Bailey
Student: Kurt Lawler
Student: Alireza Karbasioun
Student: Charles Weak