Thursday, November 21, 2013

Centennial Chromagraph wins AIA Minnesota Honor Award

Centennial Chromagraph, by University of Minnesota and Variable Projects
You might remember that I co-led a Catalyst workshop this past spring at UMN's College of Design with Adam Marcus.  The goal was to develop a series of computational design and fabrication prototypes which would lead into the design and development of an installation informed by 100 years of alumni data.

Adam and the students continued the good work to develop the design ideas and came up with this brilliant sculpture made up of 8080 colored pencils.  Amazing!

The project has since gone on to win an AIA Minnesota Honor Award!

More Info
Project Credits
  • Design: Adam Marcus, Daniel Raznick
  • Fabrication & Assembly: Adam Marcus, Daniel Raznick, Jordan Barlow, Sam Daley, Kevin Groenke
  • Computational Design (Catalyst Workshop, March 2013): Nathan Miller
  • Prototyping (Catalyst Workshop, March 2013): Will Adams, Philip Bussey, Sam Daley, Matthew Enos, Derek Gallagher, Mohsen Ghanbari, Dantes Ha, Hwan Kim, Benjamin Kraft, Wei Liu, Dan Raznick, Stuart Shrimpton, Christina Smith
  • Centennial Graphic Identity: Kai Salmela
Initial Visualization of the Alumni Data