Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kangaroo Physics

Below are some videos showing off some of the fun I am having with the Kangaroo Physics engine by Daniel Piker. Kanagroo is a powerful and intuitive tool that allows you simulate physical phenomena, such as gravity, within the Grasshopper environment.

You can test drive Kangaroo by visiting

Click the images to go to videos:

Sunday, November 7, 2010

ACADIA Regional 2011: Parametricism (SPC)

The 2011 ACADIA Regional Conference will be hosted by the University of Nebraska Lincoln in March.

Paper abstracts are due by December 21st, 2010.


1.0 Analog Parametrics
2.0 Forms that Matter
3.0 Building Envelopes & Surface Geometry
4.0 Investigations in Digital Curricula
5.0 Reconfiguring Collaboration by Computational Means
6.0 Comprehensive (Parametric) Design
7.0 Simulations: Quantitative and Qualitative
8.0 In-Formation Based Design