Monday, December 1, 2014

Rhynamo is Open Source!

Rhynamo:  An Open Source Tool for Reading and Writing Rhino files with Dynamo
On behalf of CASE, I am happy to announce that the source code for Rhynamo has been published to  Rhynamo is an open source project under the MIT license and is maintained by CASE.

Free builds of Rhynamo have already been made available through the Package Manager.

We are very excited to be contributing to the BIM and computational design community with this tool kit that enables tighter integration between popular design authoring tools.  We are committed to helping the AECO industry address their interoperability challenges.  Tools, like Rhynamo, are only one small piece of that puzzle.

A few notes about the project...

  • The project his hosted on it's a great service, check it out!
  • I highly recommend Source Tree as a tool for managing your repos
  • Rhynamo is a C# project being developed with Visual Studio (I am using 2013)
  • The project relies heavily on McNeel's OpenNURBS library.
  • Because it relies on OpenNURBS, you do not need Rhino to work on the project (most of the time)
  • Are you interested in learning Dynamo/Rhynamo?  Do you have questions about interoperability?  Reach out to us...

If you are going to be at Autodesk University in Las Vegas this week, be sure to check out what CASE is up to... and don't miss our party!