Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PREVIEW: Case Interoperation - Families

...the CASE previews continue

In addition to elements such as Revit Levels and Grids, the new CASE tools allow the user to control Revit Families and parameters

The following video demonstrates the creation of a Revit-based truss using Grasshopper information.  The video also shows how the tools allow the user to update element positions without rebuilding or re-instantiating the created objects.  The tools also provide a way to control Revit Family parameters from within Grasshopper.

Get ready TEX-FAB...  the CASE workshop is going to be a doozy!

Friday, February 22, 2013

PREVIEW: Case Interoperation - Levels + Grids

Another set of tools about to join the interoperability frenzy with Revit and Grasshopper...

These CASE Grasshopper and Revit tools allow for the transfer of element information between Grasshopper and Revit.  A combination of a Grasshopper components and a Revit "Element Placer" add-in are used for this system.  The interop. is enabled by a "web friendly" json data file.

The videos below show the creation and updating of Revit Levels and Grids...

...more geometry types to come!

Monday, February 18, 2013

PREVIEW: Case Grasshopper Plug-in - Unroll

The rumors are true.... (okay so there haven't really been any rumors.)

CASE will soon be offering a new Grasshopper plug-in.  In the coming days, I will be posting some short previews of the new components.  For those of you joining my workshops at TexFab, UMN Catalyst, or Facades+Performance events, you can look forward to some hands-on training and testing!

One thing Grasshopper has been sorely lacking is a nice Unroll Surface and Brep tool.  There have certainly been attempts in the past, but I think we have something very reliable here...

...have a look at this demo of unrolling some of Lunchbox's Platonic solids...!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Facades + Performance

This April, I will be giving a workshop as part of the Facades + Performance conference in New York City...

Calibrated Facades
This workshop will investigate Computational Design and BIM-related processes for designing, rationalizing, and documenting complex façade systems using real-world constraints and workflows. Using Grasshopper, participants will design and develop a multivariable parametric façade assembly with considerations for modularity and structural support concepts. The workshop will guide participants through several techniques for rationalizing complex façades into efficient and constructible components using paneling techniques, surface analysis, and data visualization. Following the design and development, the workshop will also introduce participants to new automated workflows for documenting the façade system with Revit BIM.

...Check out the conference website for more information about workshops and instructors!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Arch 223 Spring 2013: Assignment 01

Here are some results of the first assignment from the Spring 2013 undergrad crew...  This was their first exposure to using Rhino... and for many their first time using 3D modeling for a design exercise.

The basic premise was the same as the first assignment from this past fall.

Well done, class!  (and the usual props to Lab TAs Matt Neaderhiser and Dan Williamson)

Student: Austin Goosen
Student: Josh Puppe
Student: Paige Nelsen
Student: Ally Pilmaier
Student:  Phuc Trinh

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tex-Fab 2013 Workshops!

In this workshop, Dave Fano and I will work with participants to implement design and documentation workflows spanning Rhino Grasshopper and Revit. Participants will design a conceptual parametric bridge system in Grasshopper with multiple variables and parameters. We will then implement workflow strategies for translating the Grasshopper systems into native Revit. elements including massing forms and adaptive components which can be documented and scheduled. Experience in Grasshopper and Revit recommended but not required.