Sunday, January 27, 2013

UMN Catalyst 2013

This March, I am teaming up with UMN's Adam Marcus for a 1-week Catalyst studio.  This studio will investigate the relationship between “big data” and material practice through the construction of a series of full scale prototypes that merge aspects of computational design, graphic design, information aesthetics, and digital fabrication. The basis for the studio will be the School of Architecture’s upcoming Centennial (October 25-26, 2013). The Centennial celebration will feature a built installation inspired by the history of the School and its alumni.

Following the workshop, I will deliver an presentation showcasing some recent computational design work  at CASE Design Inc.  Please join us!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blender Python: The Supershape Rises

Rounding out a trilogy of Supershape posts over the years, I have created an implementation for Blender Python.  This script defines the 3D Supershape using mesh vertices and faces.  The script also contains useful methods for calling the Blender subdivision modifier and removing duplicate vertices from the mesh.  The images below are rendered using the Cycles engine.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blender Python Notebook!

Blender 3D has become one of my latest computational hobbies...

Not only does this open source modeler have an extensive set of mesh modeling tools and rendering capabilities, it also features an extensive Python API.  Following the format of my RevitPythonShell resource, I have created a new Notebook for capturing some cool Blender Python techniques....

As of this post, there are tips and code snippets related to.
  • Environment and Set-up
  • Defining a Mesh
  • Applying a Modifier
  • Creating a Mathematical Mesh
  • Creating a Randomized Mesh
Check back often for more!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

UNL Arch 223: Spring 2013 Begins!

Want to see what we're up to this semester as part of the Spring UNL Arch 223 course?  Be sure to check out the wiki!
Check in from time to time to see additions to the course content, student work, and lectures!

Here is the course intro Prezi... (minus my narration)