Friday, January 2, 2015

Parametric Forms for Dynamo with LunchBox

I have had a long standing fondness for parametric forms and surfaces that I thought it was about time I re-introduced some of them into the LunchBox package for Dynamo.  The Grasshopper plug-in already had many of them implemented so it was a matter of migrating some of the code to the Python nodes.  Dynamo is a bit touchy with self-intersecting surfaces and there is currently no way to establish "preset" parameter inputs for a node.  With that in mind, I have also included a few sample definitions in the latest package so you can check out some of the parameters.

Have fun.... oh and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Rhynamo is Open Source!

Rhynamo:  An Open Source Tool for Reading and Writing Rhino files with Dynamo
On behalf of CASE, I am happy to announce that the source code for Rhynamo has been published to  Rhynamo is an open source project under the MIT license and is maintained by CASE.

Free builds of Rhynamo have already been made available through the Package Manager.

We are very excited to be contributing to the BIM and computational design community with this tool kit that enables tighter integration between popular design authoring tools.  We are committed to helping the AECO industry address their interoperability challenges.  Tools, like Rhynamo, are only one small piece of that puzzle.

A few notes about the project...

  • The project his hosted on it's a great service, check it out!
  • I highly recommend Source Tree as a tool for managing your repos
  • Rhynamo is a C# project being developed with Visual Studio (I am using 2013)
  • The project relies heavily on McNeel's OpenNURBS library.
  • Because it relies on OpenNURBS, you do not need Rhino to work on the project (most of the time)
  • Are you interested in learning Dynamo/Rhynamo?  Do you have questions about interoperability?  Reach out to us...

If you are going to be at Autodesk University in Las Vegas this week, be sure to check out what CASE is up to... and don't miss our party!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Slingshot! for Dynamo Update

Introduce some SQL into Dynamo
It was about time something was done about the version of Slingshot! that has been collecting dust on the Dynamo package manager....   A year ago, the Slingshot package was released as a collection of Python scripts and several required libraries for MySQL and SQLite needed to be downloaded separately due to package limitations.

No more!  As of tonight, Slingshot! for Dynamo is distributed as a node library and ships with all the needed dependencies.  So if you are interested in cutting your teeth on some SQL within a graphical programming language, give it a shot!

Interact with relational databases
And just in case you forgot Slingshot! was open source... I have moved the source code to a new home over at (including both Grasshopper and Dynamo projects)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get the Rhynamo Package!

Get Rhynamo now through the Dynamo package manager
Rhynamo is now an official Dynamo package... freely available to the public!  I am still putting the finishing touches on the source code repository (more on that soon!), but that shouldn't stop you from getting the latest build of Rhynamo to try out in your work.

The private beta was very successful with over 300 people testing Rhynamo and providing very valuable feedback.  There is still work to do to improve the tool, but now that we have been actively using it on our own projects at CASE, we feel it is ready for the greater BIM and Computational Design community to start making use of it.

So give it a try!  Rhynamo is designed to work with the latest builds of Dynamo (0.7.4 or later).

Monday, November 3, 2014

Rhynamo - An Open Source Project

Coding Rhynamo from my hotel room at The Standard in Los Angeles
If you who were paying attention to my Twitter feed During ACADIA, you may have caught that I made a special announcement regarding Rhynamo, the OpenNURBS file reader/writer for Dynamo:

As of December 1, CASE will release Rhynamo as an open source project.

What does that mean? It means that we will continue to be releasing and developing free builds of the tool so you can continue to use Rhynamo in your work. It also means that brave coders out there will have the opportunity to leverage the Rhynamo source code to customize their workflow with OpenNURBS and Dynamo and develop new integrations.

Rhynamo only attempts to address a small piece of the larger design and production workflow. However, I believe that tools like Rhynamo provide us with a road map for what we, as users, should be expecting from our ecosystem of tools:
  • We need more fluid exchanges of data throughout the design process
  • We need higher levels of compatibility between authoring platforms
  • We need open file formats and APIs that let us customize our workflow
Projects like McNeel’s OpenNURBS and the Dynamo project should not be exceptions…they should be the rule.

I still have some code commenting, clean-up, and feature development to do ahead of December before release the project into the wild... but for those of you who are already relying on Rhynamo in your workflow, rest assured that the tool is not going anywhere and will continue to be developed into 2015.

I also want to thank the more than 300 testers who signed up to try out Rhynamo in the past two months.  Their contributions have been very appreciated and I hope they continue to play along as we enter into phase 2 :)

More info to follow....

Reading in a Rhino file containing a Hexagonal paneling system
Mapping complex Rhino panels to Revit Adaptive components
Creating a Dynamo surface and saving geometry as a Rhino 3DM.
Completed during the ACADIA 2014 Hackathon, this shows Rhynamo sending 'live' commands to Rhino.