Sunday, November 10, 2013

LunchBox for Dynamo 2013.11.11

I have posted a new LunchBox package for download by Dynamo users.  The intent of the package is to provide a growing list of Dynamo nodes for commonly used computational design techniques and other helpful nodes for data management.  Some of these nodes replicate a key nodes found in Grasshopper that are not yet included in Dynamo's core.  You can find my LunchBox plug-in for Grasshopper here... 

You can access LunchBox for Dynamo by visiting the "Search for a Package" under the packages menu.  As of this release, the package includes the following nodes...  Please note that you may need to get one of the latest Daily Builds of Dynamo for these to work properly.

  • Domain Variables:  Gets the Min and Max variables from a domain.
  • Get Domain:  Gets the domain from a list of numbers.
  • Remap Numbers:  Takes a list of numbers and maps them to a new domain.
  • Mass Addition:  Adds a list of numbers
  • Mass Multiplication:  Multiplies a list of numbers
Curtain Panel
  • Curtain Panel Collector:  Gets a list of Curtain Panel instances in the document by Family Name
  • Adaptive Component Collector:  Gets a list of Adaptive Components in the document by Family Name
  • Random Numbers:  Produces a list of Random Numbers using a Domain, Amount, and Seed.
  • Random Split List:  Randomly split a list into two lists.
Panel Grids by Face (previously found in the XYZ Cells by Face package)
  • Quad Grid by Face
  • Staggered Grid by Face
  • Diamond Grid by Face
  • Triangle Grid by Face