Sunday, October 7, 2012

UNL Arch 223: Assignment 01

For those of you following along to the Facebook posts, this may be old news, but I wanted to post an update on the UNL Arch 223 course I am instructing this semester.  The course is an introduction to 3D modeling and representation.  This course is an undergraduate course in the College of Architecture for Architecture, Interior Designers, and Landscape Architecture students.

For many, this is their first exposure to a college-level design course.  Interestingly enough, many students already had previous experience in 3D modeling applications (Sketch-up being the most common one).  It seems local high schools are already pushing 3D CAD applications such as Revit, Inventor, and Solidworks as part of the engineering, shop, and drafting curricula.

The first assignment asked them to find an object created by some natural process and produce 3D models and visualizations conveying various formal and morphological characteristics.  Rhino is the modeler being used for production with a high level of emphasis placed on surface control and manipulation.

Here is a snapshot of some of the projects....

Parametric tools, such as Grasshopper, are not allowed at this stage. :)

Student, Charlie Weak

Student, Hillary Krajnik

Student, Jessica Lee

Student, Kyle Owens

Student, Nicholas Beaty

Student, Taylor Hiemer