Sunday, September 16, 2012

Interoperable Geometry (Part 3): Surface Forms

...and then there are surfaces.

Reconstructing Rhino surfaces within Revit is a tricky science.  Revit's Conceptual Massing API exposes a number of useful higher-level form creation tools for surfaces and solid geometry which can be used to recreate some types of surfaces.  However, the mathematical representations of Revit surfaces may vary from Rhino's NURBS representation making challenging to produce completely accurate reconstructions of Rhino surfaces using automated native API rebuilding.  Additionally, the construction geometry used to derive the Revit Form (Hermite Splines, for example) are also ripe with their own interoperability challenges.

Much like the Spline example in the previous post, we can use reference points on the original Rhino surface to control the how accurately the Revit Form matches the original NURBS.  The greater the number of  points, the more accurate the construction geometry and the resulting Revit Form will be.