Tuesday, October 23, 2012

UNL Arch 223: Assignment 02

More kick ass work from my Arch 223 students...

This assignment was to "remix" Gothic geometry.  Not much conceptual criteria beyond that as the focus of the course technical process.  I wanted them to focus on creating modular design logic with an emphasis on technical modeling craft, and drawing quality.  Rhino was used as the modeler. (and again... no Grasshopper!)  Some students opted to try out Blender Cycles rendering as well .

The TAs are also doing a great job... props to Matt Neaderhiser and Dan Williamson for running the labs and bringing the best out of these students.

You can also check out some of Assignment 01 here...

The next assignment will enter the world of BIM... stay tuned :) 

Student:  Aaron Powell

Student:  Allen Phengmarath

Student:  Carlos Servan-Alverez

Student:  Jati Zunaibi

Student:  Sarah Schlegelmilch