Saturday, January 31, 2015

Rhynamo - Refactored and Data-centric

The new version of Rhynamo exposes new data from 3DM files 
There is much more to Rhino files than NURBS geometry.  This latest release of Rhynamo extends the users ability to access different data and objects within a Rhino file from Dynamo... from general file information, to layers, or materials.  Geometry conversions will also return other important information about the object including GUIDs, layers, colors, and names.

In order to better develop this new functionality, the Rhynamo library has been refactored Rhynamo's for better organization... this will almost certainly break existing definitions that use older versions, but this is an important evolutionary step for this tool.  Older versions are still downloadable on the package manager for legacy use.

Visit the Rhynamo source to get the latest...
Geometry converters also return information about object GUIDs, names, layers, and colors.
Materials, layers, linetypes, hatch patterns, and camera view data is now available.