Sunday, July 13, 2014

Migrating my LunchBox to Dynamo 0.7

Dynamo has been undergoing some significant transformations as of late.  The yellow/orange color is gone, there are some nice UI/UX enhancements, and... most significantly, the program has been completely refactored to support new geometry and workflows.

So where does that leave my custom tools from the previous version..?  Well those, too, needed a complete overhaul to keep up with these new developments.  As of right now, LunchBox is at about 80% of what it was from Dynamo 0.6.  The biggest challenge for me is that there has also been some seismic shifts with how Dynamo interfaces with Revit.  These have made migration much more challenging than anticipated.  For now there are a few Revit-based nodes that are only partially working but this will hopefully get ironed out in a future update...

For the adventurous users out there, new version compatible with Dynamo for 0.7 has been pushed up to the package manager.*

Go ahead and try it out!

*If you need versions compatible with 0.6, they are still there as older builds...