Sunday, May 25, 2014

LunchBox for Dynamo: Bring your BIM into your Algorithm

Memorial Day weekend is upon us here in the US.  If you have some free time this holiday weekend, be sure to check out the latest version LunchBox now available through the Dynamo Package Manager

The LunchBox package contains 30 new nodes to aid in your Revit workflow.  The nodes are completely free with the Python script source fully accessible.

The most notable recent additions are "Element Collector" nodes which allow you to reference different element types (families, rooms, curtain wall, etc.) into Dynamo.  This workflow makes it easy to reference key element geometry and mine your Revit model for information.

The Structural Framing collector allows you to reference existing Revit structural elements into Dynamo.
LunchBox for Dynamo currently features 27 nodes... and growing.