Saturday, September 7, 2013

Crossing the Streams... with more Interop!

So you may have noticed that many of the interoperability studies have been one-way connections from Grasshopper into Revit.  More often than not, we have found that teams are generally following a linear path for design to production with the Revit model and drawings being the final deliverable.  Technically, however, the solutions we have been developing are quite non-linear in nature... data is free to move in any direction through senders and receivers.

Here is an example of moving data from Revit into Grasshopper.  There may be any number of reasons you might want to do this... For example, creating references to key project datums, developing systems in relation to Revit geometry, or even simple data visualization.

The interop process creates a live link between Revit elements and the Grasshopper model.
Once the data is in Grasshopper, it can be used for reference or as the basis of a definition.