Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Proving Ground Meme Contest!

How do you know something is going mainstream?  There is a meme about it....!

In order to add a touch of humor and participation on this page, I am holding a meme contest for computational design.

The rules:
  1. The meme should reflect some aspect of computational design (BIM, scripting, parametric design, all are fair game!)
  2. The meme should be funny.
Using a completely subjective and unscientific method, I will select my favorite 4 and post them to this blog with appropriate artist credit.  If I happen to meet winners in person, I will buy them a cookie or beer.

I will also create a complete Facebook gallery of all submissions.  

Deadline:  Indefinite.

Resources:  Feel free to use tools like Mememaker... or make your own with 10 seconds of Photoshop!

Submit computational design memes to nmiller.arch@gmail.com