Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oz Journal v33: Augment... Coming Soon!

Oz Journal v33 is available this month with a great collection of authors.

Yours truly has a write up... and from what I remember, it wasn't entirely incoherent! Check it out!

Edited by
Laura Beth Cochran and Samantha Smith

Less Is More Intense
Magnus Larsson

Revolutions of Choice
Frank Barkow

Hand Drawing in a Digital Age
Alan Dunlop

Shared Transformation
Lisa Iwamoto

Measurement, Uncertainty, and the Dataspace
Nathan Miller

Augmented Culture
Daniel Dendra

Illustrating Ecologies
Bradley Cantrell

Augmenting Architecture through Algorithmic Modeling
Nathan Howe

More. Better. Integrated.
Ryan Gedney

Ordering Complexity
Patrick Schumacher

Digital Craft
Monica Ponce de Leon

On Intimacy and Design
Ramona Albert and Christopher Johnson