Monday, October 6, 2014

Catch Me If You Can

Fall is usually a hot mess for conferences, workshops, and speaking engagements....

....2014 is no different.


It has been awhile since I have attended an ACADIA conference... the last one I visited was 2012 where I ran a Python for Revit workshop.  The computational design for BIM landscape has certainly changed significantly since then.  I will be joining the Autodesk crew to co-lead a porition of a 3-day Dynamo workshop at ACADIA in Los Angeles.  I will be discussing opportunities for using Dynamo for analytics, interoperability, and provide a preview of the future of the Rhynamo plug-in.


ACADIA isn't the only reason I will be in Los Angeles this month.  The AIA California Council is putting on a symposium titled NOW NEXT FUTURE which brings together a group of innovative architects and designers who are rethinking the future of the built environment.  I am going to be delivering a talk about CASE and our core philosophy BLDGS = DATA.


AU2014 is just around the corner and CASE will be out in full force.  I will be delivering 2 classes on Dynamo so be sure to sign up if you haven't already.  Also be sure to keep an eye out for the CASE party.  It is shaping up to be another epic event (sorry...I hear we won't have a mechanical bull this year)

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