Monday, January 27, 2014

January closes out with more LunchBoxes and Slingshots!

Cool stuff continues to develop for my plug-ins LunchBox and Slingshot!...  Be sure you are checking the GitHub site and the Dynamo package manager to test out the latest builds and nodes.

Slingshot! (for Grasshopper)
Data grid view for Slingshot! query components in Grasshopper.
Updates continue to trickle into the Slingshot! source code on GitHub.  Users might be interested in this nifty data grid viewer for query returns which provides a selectable data.  There is also some stuff under the hood which should speed up your command and query operations.

LunchBox (for Dynamo)
LunchBox Element Collector components for Dynamo
Don't be shy about pulling in your Revit elements into Dynamo.  LunchBox now provides a growing set of element collectors which let you reference lists and lists of Revit elements that might be existing in your model.  Need to pull in all the control points from your adaptive components?  Do you need to get data about Revit room elements?  It's a snap with LunchBox for Dynamo... get it in the package manager!