Sunday, July 28, 2013

Autodesk Edu Videos: Computational Design with Dynamo

A lot has happened with Dynamo since my last post about this new tool.  New nodes have been introduced, the program has grown much more stable, and the UI is looking slicker than ever.

CASE has been working with Autodesk's Dynamo development team and the Autodesk Education group to put together a short video series to introduce users to some key concepts for using Dynamo and Vasari for computational design.  With narration by yours truly, the 10 videos provide a step-by-step primer for computational design with BIM.  As Zach Kron put it, even your mom could get through these :)

The videos include a step-by-step 'classic' attractor point example.
The videos introduce some concepts for manipulating surface parameters.
The videos describe interactions with Revit/Vasari elements and parameters.