Thursday, June 7, 2012

Slingshot! 0.882 Available for Testing

A new build of Slingshot! has been made available. Build 0.882 includes 2 new components for automating the creation of SQLite database files which contain serialized Rhino geometry records.

The new components are intended to facilitate collaboration within a team of Grasshopper users that are sharing geometry to coordinate.

New Components (Rhino 5.0 only)
  • Rhino Pack: Serializes Rhino geometry types into a SQLite database record. 
  • Rhino Unpack: Deserializes geometry records stored in a SQLite database file created with Rhino Pack. Toggles allow users to query by geometry type. 

  • Fixed some syntax issues with some of the special database creation components.
Download the new release here.... 

 Feedback is, of course, always appreciated.

Geometry object types (points, curves, surfaces, breps, and meshes) can be recorded to a SQLite file.

Different geometry can be queried using toggles.  This view shows only the points being pulled from the SQLite file.