Sunday, May 20, 2012

Slingshot! v0.88... Preview

It has been awhile... so I have decided to circle back on my first public plug-in Slingshot!

I am working away on Slingshot! Database for Grasshopper v0.88.  The new version will included support for SQLite in addition to components which allow users to serialize/deserialize Grasshopper objects into XML records.

  • SQLite:  Users will be able to create, query, and write to SQLite database files.  SQLite is a nice format with RDBMS capability without the need for those pesky database servers.
  • Serialization:  Users will be able to serialize and deserialize geometry types into XML records and stored externally in a database or other format.  These records can be accessed by other users deserialized back into Grasshopper geometry.
Still working out some bugs... the new version will be released sometime this week...

Deserialized geometry being stored as XML within a SQLite file
Serialized Grasshopper objects being inserted into a SQLite database file
Serialization process....