Sunday, April 12, 2009

UNL Grasshopper Workshop Results!

On Saturday April 11, I instructed a 1-Day (9AM-5PM) Grasshopper workshop at UNL College of Architecture for undergraduate and graduate students. There were 25 students who participated. Most were familiar with Rhino but had never used Grasshopper before. I covered a lot of topics for one day and the students did an excellent job adapting to a new way of working and designing. Below is a summary of what we accomplished...

PS... a new version of the plug-in was released this past Friday: click here

I began the day discussing the interface and how Grasshopper manages data using lists... this included an overview of the new functionality offered by trees and paths...Next I did some step-by-step exercises showing how to set up some basic relationships between geometry.Following this, we moved into more complex design problems including a bridge system and a tower study. As students become more comfortable with grasshopper they began to move into creating their own design problems and studies.

Below are some examples of what the students produced...

GREAT JOB GUYS! I hope to be back in NE for another one in the future!