Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pro Bono Prt. 1

While on holiday in Omaha, NE. My parents enlisted my services to draw up a design for their backyard patio including a custom "pergola". As evidenced by the above screen capture, I spent part of my vacation taking measurements and modeling the rear facades of the house.

Of course, my services are free as my parents payed for part of my architecture education.

The challenges are the following:

1. The budget is small and the design must be built by one or two non-professional builders (mainly my dad)
2. I will be designing this from LA and will not be present for construction (maybe)
3. The design should meet my parent's more conservative aesthetic expectations but be compelling enough to meet my own. (my mom showed me pictures of some rather scary pergolas)
4. Nothing crazy...(re: my competition work)

Here are some pics of the existing, undesigned, cluttered patio: